CPS - Professional Logistics for the Wine Industry

Our focus

Consistent, reliable, and professional service

Efficiency is one of the pillars in any fulfillment and warehousing operation, and our focus on it is nonstop.


CPS utilizes state-of-the-art security and encryption, providing the critical protection you need.


The CPS platform helps manage compliance and reporting, and stores all your product and order data in a single, easily-accessible system.


As you grow, you want a company that can scale with you. The CPS platform benefits from years of development and has processed millions of transactions.

CPS Scales With You

We go above and beyond
Nothing is more important to us than serving your needs

Distribution and fulfillment is fraught with complexity in any industry. In the world of wine, those complexities are magnified several times. Wineries, importers, and other sellers need a rock solid solution they can trust. CPS provides a proven and scalable platform to its customers, ensuring that they are able to maximize growth, and focus on what they do best; make and sell great wine.

  • In the heart of wine country

    There's no better place to be for shipping wine!

  • Market Access

    There are not only more suppliers in California, but far more buyers as well

  • Buying Power

    This increases along with your growing sales volume

  • FORT Exchange

    Exposure to major buyers and sellers

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